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January 28, 2005



Thanks for listing me on your blogroll! It's also nice to read about one of the chief community-building activities of the Jewish community - cooking & eating Shabbat meals together! I love having people over to my house for Shabbat meals, or, alternatively, visiting friends for Shabbat meals. I hope you continue to enjoy them as well, and Shavua Tov.


I have a semi-whole wheat challah recipe that I'm happy with. About half of the dry ingredient is whole wheat flour, and the other half is soome wheat germ, some milled flaxseed, and mostly (white) bread flour. It's a good compromise for people (husbands and guests) who would run screaming from something made entirely of whole wheat, and because there is some bread flour in it, it doesn't require quite as much attention as a 100% whole wheat bread does. Email me for the recipe; I'm not thrilled about posting it anywhere. :)

ar o'brien

what do you usually have on the day of shabbat???


On the day...if you are careful about Jewish law, you aren't supposed to eat before you pray the morning prayers. We are not careful about that and we do have breakfast--usually cereal. (My husband likes to eat leftover challah, which you really aren't supposed to do...but when he does I join him...) Then after services, one is supposed to have a hot meal. I don't have a great way to keep food warm, but I try to provide something in the crockpot--a soup, or cholent--and then some other yummy dishes. Since Saturday lunch is a seudat mitzvah (a meal in which one fulfills a commandment) you are meant to have two loaves of bread (like on Friday night) and wine or grape juice, and to make blessings on them to start the meal.

It is customary to have a third ritual meal called seudah shlishit (which means 3rd meal!). We do this at our usual dinner time to accomodate our baby. You don't have to have wine or grape juice at this meal. It's usually leftovers. In the summer, the best thing is to have cold soup for Saturday lunch and then eat that as a leftover on Saturday evening. where I live, summer is hot and muggy and a nice gazpacho is great!

That's probably more than you wanted to know, Ar. Anyway the whole site is devoted to minute explorations of this topic! Please feel free to come around and comment some more.


I really enjoy spicy food it doesn't matter if is with pasta or meat I just can't resisted.

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The host was praised for saving the best wine for last because most hosts brought out the bad stuff after the guests had too much to drink. So keep this in mind. Perhaps the resolution should be MORE WINE, fewer shots!

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Paella always make me think of speey gonzalez for some reason!!! Andale andale ariba!! This looks gorgeous, remember having it in Barcelona and loving it! I'm so glad you tried it out. I was thinking about this recipe just the other day, I have to do it again soon.
I made this yesterday and it was yum! Thank you.

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It is just like yours, minus the snacks in rooms. We each go to our beds and read or look at books, they may play something quietly on their bed or they may rest. After one hour, it seems we are refreshed and restored and happy to see each other!

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