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January 16, 2005



*wave* I dont know if I have anything to contribute as we are not shomer shabbos, but just came by to say hello!!


This is such a great idea! I love it.


Great idea ... :) Will nudge my husband for recipes, or whatever the heck he does, since he does the cooking for Shabbos ...

Since this is all about Shabbos meals & stuff, can I plug a friend's website for folks traveling & in need of hospitality for Shabbos when away from home? Or would that be rude? Am new to the blogosphere & not sure of the etiquette ...


I am so happy that you came to visit already! That's great!

Pamelamama, it would be great if you have special Friday night stuff you do with your children, if you would send it on over. I don't care whether it's all halachic. I'm just thinking about how people use Shabbat meals to build community and educate their children.

Merpk, I would be fine with you plugging another website here in the comments, but it would be even better if you would write up a little post and email it to me to post. I am planning to create a blogroll and I'll put it up.

This website isn't public yet, I am hoping to wait a couple of days and get private emails and comments to enrich it before I make it open to Googling, etc.


Teetchadshi on your new adventure! What fun... :) I'll bookmark and come back to visit.

About having visitors - this past Shabbos was so nice, because we ended up having 5 adults and another 3 kids come over for seudat shlishit - which we really never do. The best part was that it was totally unplanned. Usually we have Friday night dinner guest/s, not Shabbat afternoon guests. My dh also loves getting unplanned visitors.

I was so happy I had put up a stew (not really cholent...) on Friday afternoon! It was really easy - my friend was over, and walked me through it:
in the slow cooker, cover the bottom with barley, put on it a can of kidney beans, then throw in a can of corn, about a pound of chopped meat, and then cover it with a big can of stewed tomatoes. Put water to cover, and then cook for 10 hours.

In the morning it smelled like dog food! But when we ate it in the afternoon, it was perfect. Yum. My dh hated it though, because he hates anything made in the crock pot. So it was even better having all those guests to eat it all up! What a terrific Shabbat it was. :)

[Sorry if this is only a vegetarian site - we rarely do that. Although I did have a veggie guest on Friday night, so I made barley mushroom soup, extra veggie dishes, and got her veggie patties for a main dish. But it doesn't feel like Shabbos to me without meat or chicken.]


No, it's not only a vegetarian site! I'm a vegetarian, but a lot of people feel like you do about meat and chicken. Including Rav Kook, who ate vegetarian the rest of the week.

Ah mushroom barley soup! My husband doesn't like mushrooms.

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