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March 27, 2005


Rachel Alexa

Balabusta: I really like your blog, as one who loves to think about food/host shabbat meals etc. Any advice on how to make that lovely Hamentashen shape? My "Hamentashen" came out circular, w/o much of a pocket for the filling, so it just sort of spread all over the cookie. All of my friends that I called had similar problems. Should I have added more flour? Rolled the dough so that it was thinner? Do you or anyone else have some thoughts?


Most, but not all of my hamantashen came out like yours. My second batch were actually triangles, but I made them smaller and slightly thicker, not thinner. I think it is all of the above: not enough flour, how you roll the dough, and chilling the dough. The flour issue is a pain! I just don't think I can post this fabulous recipe if I don't know how much of the main ingredient should go into it! I still have leftover filling so maybe I should try again.

Oh, here's a good tip, if you aren't doing this already: roll the dough out between two sheets of waxed paper. You can lift the top one to make the circles--I used a juice glass.


Okay, this is weird. The post below this one was posted after this one, so I sound like a lunatic in this post, talking about what I'm going to do with my photographs. Forgive my inexperience with blogging software.

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