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March 23, 2005



i thought your article was kewl beenz....i can't wait to try it..:)
n the way you write.... it took me there as if i was in the kitchen with you...


Thanks! Come again, bring your friends!


Dear Balabusta,

I also find that I have trouble using my crockpot for shabbos-- either the food isn't cooked enough or worse, in my opinion, BURNT AND DEHYDRATED :( Really puts a dampener on the shabbos, you know what I mean?

Could you please recommend a web site or book with crockpot recipes that are 10-20 hours of cooking time? (20 for late shabbos, 10 for early shabbosim).

I would REALLY appreciate it.

Could you please email me any suggestions (in addition to posting, if you like of course)

Kol tov!



Note: for photographing Kugel and other casserole type foods, they look prettier when you cut a piece and put it on a plate/dish. Then you can get better angles and better lighting --and show people what the layers look like.


Amazing webpage yours sincerely, Michaela Fyfe

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