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April 27, 2005



I cannot read this blog if there is junk food nearby. It makes me SO hungry and then I'm powerless to the candy bar bouquet I received for Administrative Assistant Day yesterday. Now I feel yucky! I need to come here with a salad. I'd be more satisfied.

Now then. Do you not like beets or do you not like glazed beets a la Mom? Because I *heart* beets. (Get it?)

Also, thank you for sharing about the artichokes. I think artichokes will be our unfamiliar food experiment on New Year's Eve.


I don't like glazed beets. I thought I didn't like any beets, but once I learned to roast them in the oven in foil and marinate them with garlic and sharp vinegar, I did like them. It's that slimy potato starch glaze. Bleh.

I need to do a post on kosher-for-Passover junk food, it's a whole topic in itself.

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