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May 18, 2005



I wish I'd known about the woman in Amsterdam. We were recently there for Shabbat, and I didn't bother to make contact with anyone, but I wish we had. However, we rented an apartment, went shopping on Friday, and had very nice Shabbat meals on our own.


Hey Lisa! I believe that I got the name of the woman who hosted me from the NIK:
This was ten years ago and I didn't have any internet at the time, I just got a booklet. I suppose that NIK is the first but maybe not the only place to check in Amsterdam for Jewish stuff.

I have a neat book Resten Van Een Taal about Jewish Dutch dialect. I'm mentioning it because I've blogged here about lost languages. The Jewish words aren't actually all lost from Dutch, they are still part of Amerstammer' (Mokumers') slang.

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