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May 08, 2005



Hope you feel better soon. Thanks for writing such a nice blog. You're such a great cook! The coconut rice sounds heavenly. I just stumbled across your blog & bookmarked it. Our tastes in cooking are quite similar, but I'm not such a good cook. :) We even have some of the same cookbooks. I'm an expat living in Taiwan; and some things aren't as available here as they are in the US. But we do have a widely available coconut water drink. You might want to try that the next time you have a fresh coconut around. (Coconut water is the watery liquid inside a coconut. It's nonfat, but coconut-y.)

Now, if that didn't make your day a little brighter...


Hey Katherine! It sure does brighten things up around here to get comments, especially comments from far away. I know there's no distance on the net but I am still excited!(It also helped to do handstands in yoga class this morning. I still need help to get upside down, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying it.)

I think the coconut juice I had is the coconut water stuff. Here on the north east coast of the US, we don't get the young coconuts. The few times I've opened my own I got sort of greasy oily water, not the nice drink that I purchased last week. Also because they were coconuts with really hard hairy shells and I'm inexperienced opening them...I got hair and shell in the coconut water. Ewwww.

It was at my old apartment, which was a kosher four bedroom, all these young single observant Jews. We had what we called the magic cabinet--it had all the tools left behind by previous tenants. I used to open the coconuts using a power drill and then a hammer, over newspaper on the back porch. Those were the days!

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