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August 22, 2005



I've always liked the Severus Snape character. He's more interesting than the jock type. I've read quite a bit of 19th and early 20th century English fiction. I'm highly uncomfortable with Snape's physical discription. I've read similar slurs against both Jews and American Indians. I take her descriptions with a grain of salt. There is much to be enjoyed in the Harry Potter series. Still, some passages just make me uncomfortable.


Although I openly admit I didnt read half of what you read (think me rude and arrogant, I dont care) but from what I read, on the subject of Severus Snape, I must strongly disagree on any type of prejudice emitting from his character. ANY sort of racism, the victims are always portrayed as horrid vile creatures, not just the Jewish. Yes, he was described in a not so nice way but thats done intentionally and from Harry's POV nonetheless to have you not really like him even though in my opinion hes really a good guy. If he came off as a normal guy who was just mean, you wouldnt get the same effect, no suspicion, no lingering desire to know more about him. Who cares what his background is??

And on another note, how can you honestly expect her to put a name from every ethnic group under the rainbow into the book? Its pointless and unnecessary let alone unlogical. There ARE other magical schools other than Hogwarts, kids attend whatever schools closest to them.

Besides, your missing the whole point, it doesnt matter what your background is, its about you, your personality and character and being judged by that alone. People should be able to relate to the characters not by thier race but because of who they are, what theyre like. If a child in another country cant relate to Harry because hes not the same race well thats just sad. The entire thing with the mudbloods and purebloods, and how they're so quick to judge... C'mon give it a rest, seriously. Its embarrassing...


Dear guys: as a Spaniard I always felt a little bad about the lack of Latin characters in the HP series. The only Latin one seems to be Salazar Slytherin and he´s portrayed as a cunning, ugly and prejudiced man. He is named after the Portuguese fascist tyrant Salazar.

So my not so unconcious mind tended to find "Spanishness" in my fauvorite character, Snape. He could very well portrait an stereotypical Spaniard as well as a Jewish: his father´s name was Tobias wich is a very Spanish name.

I mean: we tend to put the ethnicity in our fauvorite characters to fit with ours even when it´s not actually there.

So perhaps the true is: Snape is not a Jewish, not a Spaniard, not even a Sephardim. (Spaniard+Jewish=Sephardim).

Snape could very well portrait just an English common man, a WASP with black hair and hooked nose. Not an stereotypical blonde English man.

It´s us who put the stereotypes in him. Perhaps we need to get the racial stereotypes out of our unconcious mind...or perhaps we identify a little with the stereotypes...wich is disturbing...


4 ur info, snape isn't a backstabbing liar. if u read the 7th book, u'd no that. so fix ur website and get a non-stereotype life. seriously, people have better things 2 do than read ur stubid opinions. i mean, come on. ur just making jk rowling look bad. she never meant 2 hurt anybody. u should be ashamed of ur self.


You can be lucky!!!



I know this is quite an old post now, but I find it interesting that you've proscribed only Jewishness as a religious/racial heritage for Severus Snape.

I must admit that considering his ostracisation in 60's & '70's Northern England, and the large number of soldiers and sailors from the North who served in India over the last few centuries, I'd assumed that Snape was more likely to be part Indian or perhaps part Sri Lankan.

An Indian cultural influence would be supported by his detailed, sometimes obscure English vocabulary and the grammatical phrasing of his rants when he's annoyed. Although that could be me reading more than is there.

From the events in the last 2 books it appears that Snape was enhancing his stereotypical persona. Perhaps he too was reading Dickens or Kipling.


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This analysis would be very intersting if it would take the last Harry Potter movie into consideration. Wondering what the author thinks about these insights in the last movie.


You write well will be waiting for your new publications.


There are two students, who go with Harry and Ron to the Christmas Ball in The Goblet of Fire
and their presence is hinted at for the series' continuation. whether or not they are islamic, i dunno. middle eastern/india probably.


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