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January 07, 2006



I am so glad to see a post on your blog! I only discovered it probably about a month ago and loved catching up on your archives. Although I am not Jewish I love the type of foods represented on your blog and have enjoyed trying out several of your recipes. I hope to be able to read more from you soon.

Rebecca Lesses

Thank you for this posting! It was very interesting - perhaps you should just blog on Jewish food in general, not just Shabbat meals.

A fan

Susan in Italy

How fascinating! I know so little about Traditional Jewish food. Once was invited to a seder but the the hosts ended up going home for the holiday so, no luck. I've been wanting to get invited ever since. Anyway, Rome is home to mant traditional Jewish Italian dishes that are lovely.

eqj (the chocolate lady)

Great work, and I hope to see more soon. For now:
The Peysekh Survival Guide

For this year is now up.

Shirley Katzman

I am glad I came to your site. it beings a lot of things together for me. I am a born again Christian and my Husband is Jewish. I love to find different things to make him for dinner that I would not know where to start if it was not for sites like yours.


i would just like to know what types of landmarks and famous deserts and mountains etc in ancient palestine for a project.
many thanks

Andy James

Hey buddy! Interesting post... I just landed on your blog courtesy google. I was thinking.. you could try to put up some current news and happenings. Will make ur blog more interesting.There are many news scrollers. I know of one on http://www.widgetmate.com


Just came across your blog. Was wanting to teach a lesson this week on the food Jesus would have eaten. Was planning on doing a meal with my children, five year olds. Your ideas have been great for my planning thanks.


thanks! i have found your site very informative and useful. i will take the info to put together an ancient christmas eve style dinner for friends and family.


Thanks for this blog. I needed to know this stuff for my report and its due tomorrow. Thank You!!-<3


I'm looking to improve how we keep the Sabbath in our Christian home, and found your information extremely interesting to read! :)


Great post. Do you know where I could find that article by Shim`on Dar?


l just lovee learning about jessussss.
=) =) =)

pina@buy medjool dates

The diet actually seems very healthy. I think we would be healthier if we adopted such a diet.


AWESOME! More food then I would have ever guessed! Great job!

Alan Divack

Great posting. Garum/fish sauce represents kasruth problems: I don't think there is any brand produced under supervision, and even if your standards are looser, it is hard to know exactly which fish were fermented. Worcestershire sauce does have a fermented fish base, but there are lots of other seasonsing, esp. tamarind, so the flavors are very different. Rather than soy sauce per se, I find Bragg's AMinos the best fish sauce/garum sub. While I am sure the flavor is different, it has a complexity and rich umami flavor that does well in lots of dishes. (It is also heckshered.)

Kristen Wagstaff

Thank you so much for your post! I'm wanting to start a new family tradition this Christmas eve, eating things that Jesus may have eaten when he was on the earth. Thank you for your in depth description! I am so excited to try this out and your post was so helpful!


.., looks really interesting... i guess it is also better if you are going to read about Jewish food as well...

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Joshua from Israeli Uncensored News

Well, this is interesting!! I am glad, I found this blog!!

Keep it up!!

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Sharon Pawlak

Very good information! I am actually teaching a class TOMORROW called "Eat what Jesus Eats" I have ALOT of informaton already but your blog really helped me tie it all together. THANKS!
Shalom Blessings,
Sharon Pawlak

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